Finding an effective treatment path

Neuro Event Labs develops technological solutions to aid in the treatment of epilepsy and other neurological diseases. Our system utilizes advanced computer vision and machine learning, and can be installed in a clinical setting or directly to the patient's home.

The patient can stay at home during the monitoring period

Epilepsy symptoms are detected with non-invasive sensors and machine learning

Seizure history is securely stored in the cloud, available to clinicians and patients

An effective treatment path can be found more efficiently than with traditional methods

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NEL’s monitoring solution and VNS provide powerful results together

Tampere University Hospital (Tays), Neuro Event Labs’ key client, has been using our epilepsy monitoring solution together with a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) to treat patients with epilepsy and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. As part the cooperation, a Tays patient used NEL’s night-time epilepsy monitoring solution for a full month, right at the patient’s home.

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Disruptive machine vision at Slush

Startups are all about disrupting the status quo - finding a superior, often a high-tech, solution to a problem and changing how the markets work. This week, the Neuro Event Labs team will be attending Slush, one of the biggest startup events in the world.

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NEL triumphs in country-wide business competition

Neuro Event Labs’ CEO Kaapo Annala pitched this week in Finland’s biggest company growth challenge, Kasvu Open. After making it to the top-10 finale (out of 839 companies), Neuro Event Labs took second place in the start-up series, as well as being voted the “audience choice” in a landslide victory.

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World-leading innovation in epilepsy with Tampere University Hospital

Tampere University Hospital has been one of our research partners since day one. Over the past 4 months, they’ve also expressed their gratitude as a happy customer.

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